Misogyny and Gender Inequality

Even though it is a well-known fact, some people still don’t believe that gender inequality exists. Gender inequality can be observed very easily when looked for but, because of the male individuals who don’t learn about it at a young age, there are still people who believe it doesn’t exist.

I believe most females have faced misogyny even before the age of 18. Nevertheless, it just gets harder as you get older just because of uneducated people. Not being educated causes even some females to believe that they are less than males and are not as capable as them. You can observe misogyny and not even realize it since it has been normalized by society. For instance, a girl bragging about “not being like other girls” is a form of internalized misogyny, also supporting fathers to work while telling mothers to take care of their children is a sexist form of thinking. These thoughts can be prevented by teaching misogyny and gender inequality at schools. Helping students learn that women are as capable as men to do anything by letting them ask questions can make a significant difference in the future. Teaching your sons not to rape instead of teaching your daughters to “dress properly” is the thing that should be normalized instead of misogyny.

Although education can help a lot in the future, gender inequality is caused by adults of now. Male privilege plays a big role in most of the workplaces all over the world. Other genders are being paid less than males or get promoted rarely. Despite all the protests that have been done, not many changes about gender gaps. Unfortunately, sexist men tend to believe other men’s opinions than women’s. So the more men show support to feminist movement, the more change will happen.

All the things considered, first thing to do is accept that gender inequality exists and try to stop own misogynist thoughts. After that everyone can make a difference, maybe just by teaching your father or brother. Gender inequality and misogyny should not be normalized, they should be recognized and fixed.

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