Missing Part of Education

Even though we would like to embrace the opinion that we have the most efficient education system used in our country, is this statement seriously the truth itself, or is it just a brick wall forcing us to ignore the obvious solutions to countless problems that we are facing today?

As a country, we have lots of problems regarding to every aspect of life, which could be solved by shaping our education system according to our goals, such as decreasing crime and unemployment rates, or increasing public awareness about the most crucial global issues.

To begin with, providing people the necessary skills should be our primary aim. In order to achieve this goal, it is strongly advised to revise the curriculum, in particularly for language, science and mathematics lessons. Although we avoid to admit it, our education system is based on testing our knowledge, and lacks evaluation of the knowledge, especially for younger age groups. Understanding the reading is another topic that must be considered, since it is one of the most important skills to solve a problem.

Another point that should be highlighted is problem solving skills. Aware of the fact that the most required step of solving a problem is to understand a problem, to make analysing and synthesizing skills a part of our curriculum is both effective and necessary for our country’s future.

Adding global perspectives lesson to our curriculum to raise the awareness about global issues all over the world would show the students that the world is not just consist of four walls and a roof, hence it is one of the most logical ways to encourage teamwork, using different perspectives, and finding solutions to global issues.

The examination style of our curriculum is also arguable. Is it reasonable to think that our future depends on a set of options with four or five answers on a booklet with fifteen pages? This system definitely needs to be reconsidered, since it does not include creative thinking, communication, and writing skills.

To conclude, all we have to include in our education system, besides the knowledge that we already have, is thinking. As we all know, learning without thinking is nothing but a waste of time.


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