Mistake or Experience?

As humans, we go through a long life. During this time, we make a lot of decisions, some good and some bad ones. While the good ones can let our ways into amazing opportunities, the bad ones can make us end up in in unpleasant situations. Though the results of a decision can be negative or positive it doesn’t mean that our next decision will be affected by it. We can change a negative result into a positive one when we make a new decision. The question is: Should we consider our past while making up our minds for a new decision?

Some people think that we should not think about the past and just focus on our present. This idea occurs because when we think about the past we can get stuck on our old mistakes and we might not be able to move on from them. This thought can be considered true in some situations. Unfortunately, some people blame themselves when they end up in situations they would normally want to prevent and they can be pretty harsh on themselves. So, they will be stuck in the past and they will not be able to stop themselves from making bad decisions again in the present.

Whereas some people think like this and want to focus on their present and future rather than on their past, some people think that they should focus on their past too. They believe that the only way to prevent our mistakes is to learn from our past and never repeat them again. When these people make a mistake, they analyse it and they learn from it so, when they face the same problems in the future they recognize those situations and they take the needed precautions in order to avoid  the doing the same mistakes all over again so they basically gain experience.

I personally think that we need to consider our past to focus on our future, but we should not focus so much that we would actually lose our focus on the present. We should not get stuck on past mistakes, we should only learn from them. Our past mistakes should be experiences for us. Once we experience something new, we acquire knowledge and we learn how to act, how to take action in a situation just like the one we experienced.

So, whenever we come across a new decision we should chose the option that we think is correct. Maybe we will make a mistake or maybe we will not, we can not know it for sure until we try. Though it will end up bad it will be an experience so there will always  be a positive side even when the result is negative. Make a mistake if needed, in the future its experience will be your solution. The past is a place of reference not a place of residence, everyday is a new one.

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