Modernised Fairytales

If I ever turn into some type of fairytale or a cartoon character, I’ll choose to be Kyojuro Rengoku from the Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer animated series.

So here comes the main part of this blog, I came back to my home from a long day of work, after I had my dinner and tidied up my room I went to sleep. In my dream, I saw a bunch of ball-shaped flames just moving around and there was a really big dragon right behind them. After i woke up, I was not in my room anymore, I was in very weird streets walking alone and then I noticed that there were Japanese writings on billboards that I couldnt understand since I didn’t study for Japanese kanji and all.

Then I started to explore the area furthermore so that I’ve found some ramen stores around and long before I noticed I had hair just like the character from Demon Slayer, Kyojuro Rengoku. I entered one of the stores and ordered ramen with some sweet potatoes on top of it. As soon as I get my order people started to sit beside me and they were like ‘’Wow!’’ or ‘’Nice cosplay!’’ and I just appreciated all of them and started eating. It was pretty delicious ramen so I started saying the line ‘’Umai!’’ which translates to ‘’Delicious!’’.

I finished my meal and got out of that ramen store and people were looking weirdly at me and fans of that series came to take photos with me, It was very exciting that I forgot I had a katana on me. After this, I heard a pretty loud explosion nearby and people were running opposite that direction. I realised something was off and ran there as quick as i can! For some reason, I happen to run pretty fast and reached my location earlier than I expected, and I saw it…

It was standing there, menacingly with a weird dark fluid covering its body, some fell off and came back to him. He was holding two revolvers in his hands and said something like ‘’I’ve been waiting for this moment, Flame Pillar Kyojuro Rengoku!’’ and then he reached his chest to pull up more weapons. I knew I was in danger since I’ve never faced anything like this monster. I wanted to test if I can use my flame breathing technique and I started to focus on my breathing.

I’ve drawn my katana outside of its sheathe and then… 1… 2… and 3… It worked! I said to it ‘’Now you’re the one who’s in danger.’’ to that monster. It attacked me with long-range weapons hanging out of its shoulders but I reached the total concentration state and managed to dodge some of the bullets but I still used my Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation to cover myself which is a flower made of flames. I closed the gap in a matter of seconds and used my First Form: Unknowing Fire to decapitate it but it threw bombs at me which I couldn’t dodge but somehow still managed to protect myself.

That monster raged as he saw me still holding my ground and began to use everything in its armament to kill me but it was unable to stop me from coming closer every second. Until not so long he used all of its armament and had nothing to protect himself from he jumped backwards and used that fluid to build up his ultimate form. When i saw that I realised this was going to be the last round. I gathered all my strength up to use my Final Form: Rengoku which is the burst of flames at high speed in a dragon form.

We both began to move and as soon as he moved i decapitated his head in an instant and looked back to what remains of a monster. I was exhausted as hell and just fainted right there. Then I woke up from that dream and went to work.

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