Modifying the Change, Itself

Every idea starts with hope at the very beginning. The idea may have been formed unexpectedly or it may have been overthought, but in both cases the idea excites the owner. Ideas have the desire to become real and to be useful in application but not every owner thinks the same. Ideas are desperately in need of help to be concrete. Unfortunately, most of them are being forgotten by the thinker because of the fear of sharing the idea. Even if they succeed, they then encounter with devastating or, worse, fatal comments of other people. All those people admire the word ”impossible” and they do not hesitate using it constantly. In fact, it was not possible to communicate with people over the ocean or even with people living out of city borders a century ago. So, is it possible to say something is impossible? Think again!

People now say that our world is changing nonstop. This is mostly because of braver ideas and increasing rate of spread of those ideas. Those ideas cause a faster change in our world which we are not used to. It is hard to say there are nothing left to keep and preserve. Science has been one of the main reasons of development of mankind. On the other hand, science does not mean to leave every piece of past behind. There are loads of people who think change is vital and cannot be transformed. ”Whatever will be will be and future is brighter. Leave the past behind.” they say. Is it impossible to change the form of change for our own benefit? Think again!

Scientists recently make researches about space, artificial intelligence, genetic modifications etc. In the meantime, they all have some ideas and predictions about the future consequences of those branches of science. Do you suppose consequences are positive or negative? It is so obvious that consequences may have disadvantages as well as advantages and since it is still in your hands to control the change, disadvantages can easily be lowered to bearable levels. For instance, let’s assume that we have a cutting-edge technology to combat cancer but its side effects are causing infertility. In this case to prevent mankind from extinction, the technology must be changed or not used at all. Change cannot be stopped or be gotten rid of, nevertheless can be transformed into whatever we want it to be. Is it impossible? Think again!



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