Since we were born, we are trapped in the labels of time and its molds. We all get to heat statements like “That is a really calm kid for his age, you are a teenager now you had to know this, you are thirty and you are still not working, grandma you are too old to do this, etc.” in our lives. That just proves that these molds do exist. But what if they were not about the age groups and they just represented the properties of so called kids or teenagers or adults and so on.

Little fellas… Some people love them; you know, they are cute, outgoing, energetic, playful… but the others find them annoying, hard to deal with, noisy etc. I do understand their points but it won’t hold me back from saying I’d be probably classified as child too. I wouldn’t mind playing with toys all day, having my meal prepared for me, crying without any hesitation plus I want to live my childhood properly. Without worrying about adult problems at such young age or with having lots of friends.

I wouldn’t like to be an “adult”. I associate them with midlife crisis, responsibilities, tiredness, work, no time to live. I may over-exaggerate it but the main point is still true. My teachers say “You see us more than your parents.” They are right, they also see us more than their children. I hear how a lot of people overwork themselves just to feed their family. I don’t know enough adults that have near to perfect life or health. I just don’t want to lose my joy.

Although I don’t want to be an adult, I’d love be a grandma. I am perfectly able to do nothing much all day and bake cookies. I also think I can get along with kids. I have a sweet spot for little children, of course not in a weird way.

At the end I am fine as long as I am not classified as an adult. I just want to live my life happily.


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