Molly Polly Forget Polly

  I woke up,in a hospital bed.. It’s too white that I can barely see whats going on around me… My vision slowly comes back to me and I start looking around. There is someone on a couch next to my bed. I wonder who they are,I can’t even see their face clearly.I got out of the bed that I was in and I reached to the person I saw. If they could just turn around a bit… Ah! I woke them up.”Oh My God! Molly?! You’re finally awake!” they said with an ecstatic expression. “Uhm,sorry,who are you? Why am I in hospital?” I responded. She said “Oh..? Don’t you remember? I’m Polly, Your sister.” She seem’d concerned like she was expecting something high from me. I tried but I just couldn’t, I-I cannot remember who they are,though,I felt like something was missing. “I’m sorry. I don’t know..” that’s all I could speak out for. I could see from her face that she had a mood drop from ecstatic to concerned even though she tried to hide it from me. Well, not like I could do anything about it. While watching her being all silent, I figured that I finally had a chance to think of what the hell was going on. She said my name is Molly… Uh,maybe I should think about these later. I also noticed that seeing someone -even though I don’t remember who they are-  that troubled makes me feel uneasy when they’re right next to me…

Suddenly,they rushed out of the room. I saw them starting to tear up,I guess they couldn’t hold it in any longer. I didn’t know what to do now so I kept looking around, I saw a note on the little desk that is next to left side of my bed. “Hope you’ll get better! Sincerely, Basil Cafe.” Hmm. Note seems kind of old. I wonder why they kept it there. Then the girl who’s named Polly came back. She had either a nurse or doctor next to her. Polly tried to hide her face from me,they did cry a lot. She seem silly with that expression. Something in me,made me sad seeing her like that. When she finally gained her confident back,she spoke up “ Ms. Yorky, could you check on Molly if she’s alright or not,she said she doesn’t recognize me.. I thought she was just messing around but she doesn’t have a straight expression while jokering with me or someone else.”  Then Ms. Yorky asked me several questions about the things I remember. She also said that It would be better If I rest for a little while,so, I did what she said while watching her leading Polly to the way out of the room. I hope everything’s gonna be okay. Maybe I should go to outside to get some fresh air but before I do that I noticed something vibrating in my pocket. Naturally,I guessed it being my phone. Yep. It is my phone. An unknown number was calling, I got curious and responded to their call,It went like this:
Molly: Hello? Who is this?
Unknown Number: Well, hello hello. Looks like someone finally woke up from their winter sleep.
Molly: Could you answer my question please? Who are you?
Unknown Number: An old friend, you’ll remember in future but that’s not important right now. I got a deal for yo-
Molly: I think you called the wrong number, goodbye sir.
I hang up.Confused. Then suddenly heard a loud scream coming from the outside,I rushed out of the door. Then I saw it. A girl lying  on the floor, wait, it looks like.. Polly?! What happened to her?Did she just..? If I had known that this… would happen to me..,I wouldn’t have answered that call. I could’ve prevented this…
I’m sorry,

Too be continued… Maybe…

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