If i were a mayor of my district that i live, i would do lots of things but in this writing i’ll mention about most important and the most effective one.

I would put different boxes that would be everywhere outside. That boxes would be for sometimes help homeless people or some places that need help or kinda stuffs. Everyone would put some money when they want. At least if everyone put 1 or 5 dolar when they are walkig and saw that box it will be a huge amount of money at the end of the month.  I am going to put too and government too. Of course that boxes would be locked just there is a little place to put money. And the inside of the box would be forbidden to see so that people who want to put money do not be influenced from the other poeple. The matter will be very hard to break so that other people cant break the box. Like this, people who live in the place that have that boxes will be more helpful like more advanced help sense and the other places that needs money can get their money.

If i would be a mayor i would do theese and everyone will be happy the people who give money and the place or people who get the money.

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