Money Should Not Provoke You From You Dream Job

Many people discuss the topic whether we should go to university or immediately work after secondary education. Nevertheless, is it preferable to work rather than studying what you are passionate about?

passion ile ilgili görsel sonucu

First of all, many people claim that they are always short on money which drives them to hardships. Money is not something that can be obtained by experiencing difficult or even extreme situations. Anyone can make money wherever they want. The condition needed is just being ready for any task to be done. For instance, you can mop the floors of a fast food restaurant to get a couple of bucks. Additionally, if you want a monthly fee you can be a waiter or a waitress. Options to choose from is limitless.

student waiter ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Secondly, most people suggest that even though they are paid monthly the fee is not enough for them. Only solution to execute this problem is being efficient as much as possible. Universities consider the fact that most students are having problems economically. Therefore, they have put up many facilities ,which require no or a very small amount of fee to be used,  to ease the situation of the students. Sequently, managing your money is up to you.

To sum it up, being short on something that can be easily obtained should not stop you from achieving your dream job.

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