Last summer I had a fantastic day! My grandparents have a summer house in Alanya. I stayed there for over a month but one day was the greatest! We visited Köprülü Kanyon in Manavgat. Sadly, just after that trip Manavgat faced crown fire. I still feel so upset about it…

Anyway, we arrived at Monster Travel which is an agency that organizes exciting activities. First, we got on huge pickup trucks. There were tens of foreign tourists, we were the only Turkish passengers. But I had no trouble with communicating. After 30 minutes of tottering on the trucks we arrived at The Monster Jet Boat Station. Those jet boats are extremely fast! We travelled along the river for 15 minutes in a very high speed. The freezing water was all over us on a hot day, thankfully. Our captain was such a funny man! He assigned me as his co-pilot.


We stopped somewhere, climbed up a hill, went in and out some caves and at the peak enjoyed the amazing view of nature. We were exhausted and hungry. All of us had a lunch by the river and the excitement continued.


Weird bug shaped vehicles took us, and fearless drivers were using them through the hills and water, guess what? We were soaked again. After that we experienced a quick zipline and the vital part came: Rafting!


In our boat there were a Russian family, a Moroccan/Dutch family and us. Our captain was from Tajikistan. The Moroccan man was so funny, he made jokes during the journey. He fell out of the boat when we crashed into the reef! His children were yelling “Papa!” from the boat. We realized that our captain was out of the boat too!! Fortunately, my mother grabbed the Moroccan tourist out of the water. He had injured his knees. Finally, our captain swam and caught us. Rafting is an exciting activity, but it is dangerous as well.


End of the day we had a little party, but I could see that everyone was exhausted. But if you ask me “Do you want to do it again?” Definitely!


Here are some of the photos of that day. See you…



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