Morse Code

Taylor is a black-haired, brown-eyed man in his 20s who lives near the beach and works at an auto mechanic. One day while Taylor was working the auto mechanic’s phone started ringing. When Taylor grabbed the phone, he could only hear a sound like “ beep… beep… beep”. Taylor thought that was a prank and hung up the phone. After a while the phone started ringing again and again until Taylor realized that the sound was a password using morse code. 


The code was a street name in the nothingness. Taylor went to the address he found inside the morse code. There was a warehouse at the address and the door was open. Taylor walked into the warehouse with calm steps. The warehouse was robbed. There was a broken table, a safe which was opened and a crowbar near the safe. Taylor walked near the safe and crouched down to look inside. After he crouched he got hit from his head. Next day he woke up in the hospital. He took his hand to his head and he noticed the swelling on his head. Then he called a doctor and asked what happened to him. Doctor told him that they found Taylor near a road. After the doctor left the room the phone in the room started ringing. Taylor waited for a while. He was scared but he grabbed the phone. The same “ beep” sound was coming from the phone. After Taylor heard that sound he hung up the phone very quickly but the phone rang again and again. Then Taylor unplugged the phone but the phone was still ringing. He couldn’t stand and grabbed the phone again. He listened to the morse code and found a new address which shows a market. He stood up and left the hospital to go to that market. When he arrived he entered the market and tried to understand what was going on. After a short time three men with masks walked in the market with guns. The market was getting robbed. One man was talking with the cashier and the other two were telling people to lie down to the ground. Taylor said “ If I had known this was going to happen to me, I would never have picked up that phone” from inside. After the man finished getting all the money he hit the cashier from his head with the grip of his gun then they ran away. 


Taylor went to the police and explained his situation but the police didn’t believe him. Then he talked with the news reporters and he joined lots of shows.

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