Most Habitable Planet

Nowadays, many companies are spending huge money on space exploration. There are some people who say that all these consumptions are unnecessary and think we should spend money on saving our current planet. Also, there is another group that thinks we should focus on saving our current planet.

Since October 4, 1957, human beings have been venturing into space. When the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth. We have not stopped our searches about space any second. Scientists are working to explore a new planet for people to survive and continue the human race. Their reason is, the world is too close to the end because of the increasing population and global warming, climate change, etc. Their opinion is that the world is going to die in any condition and working to save this planet is not as important as searching space. Their aim is to find a new planet that looks like Mars for now and colonize there.

On the other hand, there is a group of people who think that we should spend money on our current planet. They say that “We already have an amazing planet, everything is fine if we do not destroy them” after these words many people have agreed with them. Also according to experts, Earth will not die as soon as thought. Of course, there will be some shortages if we do not take precautions. However, the presence of water will continue at least for 1.5 billion more years. Therefore they are protesting these space researches, also they think that they will fail at colonizing because in our Solar System there is no other planet like Earth. Some space research opponents say that the Earth itself has not fully been discovered yet, why are they so impetuous about exploring space? Because they just want to make money from that, says one of the group members.

In conclusion, there are two groups that think and try to save our species. Both groups just want to continue as human beings. In my opinion, we should preserve our planet because it is better on every side. Even if we colonize another planet we will not be able to develop in a short period of time. On Earth, we have access to almost everything. We should protect and make this planet livable.


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