Multiple Students Under One Roof

How big a family is in terms of the number of people in the family; affects lots of things such as the family’s economy, their living conditions, the children’s education, and so on. The number of siblings can fluctuate the quality of education a student gets.

The first is the economical side. More siblings you have, the more money the family needs to fulfill all of their needs. This can have a big

effect on the quality of the school that a student can go to. Also, the materials the students need to study may prove to be too expensive as the family needs to buy these for every child. This is more noticeable in countries that lack in the economical side of things and some families can’t even buy a notebook and a pencil for their children.

Despite the economical side, the support from a student’s brothers and sisters can turn out to be very useful. If the siblings are the same age

and learning about the same topics, they can help each other out in places where one of them didn’t understand the topic. Having a sibling study can also be a motivation for the other ones to study and to get better grades. Having older siblings that can help with your studies is also a very positive thing.

Although having siblings can have positive effects on your studies, they might also distract you from studying too. When you see your siblings having fun by playing games or doing other entertaining activities, you would want to join them which would stop you from studying. If the student knows when to study and when to enjoy himself, this shouldn’t be a big problem. The student may be a motivation for his siblings as well, improving everyone’s grades and making them more interested in school.

  Overall, I think having siblings positively affects your studies. If the student doesn’t have any siblings he would have to learn about the topic by going to the library or searching about it on the internet. Also without any siblings, the motivation to study may be less than when you have a sibling that studies. Even explaining the topic to someone helps you understand the topic in more depth so having someone that will listen to you and share his or her ideas about certain things would help out not only in studies but also in life.

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