Murphy’s Law vs. Law of Gravity

In fact, our guide may be Murphy’s Law, or it may be the Law of Attraction.

The basis of Murphy’s Law is based on the following statement: if there is more than one way to accomplish a task, and one of those ways leads to undesirable results or disaster, that probability will definitely occur. If we look at the general rules, the probability of something happening is inversely proportional to the probability of wanting it to happen. Every problem solved creates a new problem. If everything goes well, there is a definite problem. And we can cite many similar examples. And I think nobody wants to live like that. For example, if you think about why it rains whenever I get the car washed, it’s undoubtedly because of Murphy. In fact, Murphy’s Laws are various shortcuts that examine the causes of failures, mistakes or errors established by U.S. engineer Edward A. Murphy, who died in 1990, i.e. Murphy’s Law is to experience frustrating situations. Murphy is serving at an Air Force base in 1949, working on a crash test. The technician, who is working on wiring sensors, is unable to come to a conclusion because he has found a fault.

Murphy, on the other hand, uses this famous word for the first time for this technician. Murphy’s Law became famous when he said that if there is a way to do something wrong, this man will definitely find a way. I think the law of attraction looks better than Murphy’s law of attracting our thoughts and feelings. It attracts the events that happen in our lives. So positive thoughts and feelings are beliefs that bring positive experiences into our lives, and negative thoughts bring negative experiences. The Law of Attraction is a dubious claim that has no scientific basis. The Law of Attraction consists of some ideas, such as that you can attract positive and negative things into your life, that the energy you radiate comes back to you, and that everything is made of energy. Among the things said about the Law of Attraction is the claim that the universe communicates with us and our thoughts. People interested in the Law of Attraction tell us to ask the universe to speak our dreams and desires out loud by thinking positively. If we want the Law of Attraction to work for us, we should literally detach ourselves from negative thoughts. For years, Murphy’s Quantum Law of Attraction has been written about things like meditation.

I think we can balance Murphy by taking Murphy to our right and the Law of Attraction to our left. If we can manage not to think too much, it’s best to let it flow.

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