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Museum Called My Life

So, come in with me then into the hallway of my life’s museum. As you see all the walls are covered with the color of black as my mind and my heart. No emotion, no thoughts, just black. There are some photos of my best friend. Because the only good thing about my life is having her. My world is black and but, she is screaming color of pink. No need to waste time, let’s move on to the rest of the museum.

28 March 2005… Approximately seventeen years ago I was born in the small hours. When I opened my eyes to the brutal world, my dad and my mother were jubilant. Years passed, I became seventeen years old one month ago. Although I have been alive for seventeen years, no one bought me to a cake and sing to me cheerful song called happy birthday. My parents were busy with their own life. Hence, I could not take their times for my birthday party. However, my fate had changed two years ago. My friends made me a surprise with a cake. Although it was bought from canteen of school, they put candle on it. When I heard they were singing happy birthday song, I could not blink my tears back no more. That’s why it has special place in my museum.

If you walk forward a little bit, you will see a toy which is baby. When I was quite young, around 2-3 years old, my decedent grandmother bought me this toy. It was always my favorite item that I had but, unfortunately I lost it in somewhere now I cannot remember. Probably someone has found the toy and brought to the museum. I do not know them, but let me say I’m thankful to you guys!

When I was younger, I utterly admired my father because of job that he had. He is superb doctor and everyone around him adores what he does. So, I stole one of the his books about the medicine. This book was about basic emergency action that everyone can do in a state of emergency with countless picture. Hence, it was easy to understand what the book mentioned. As far as I recalled it was first book that I have ever read. I was trying to imitate pictures to my father in order to impress him.

I am not sure about people will be encouraged to see my life in this museum. Because my life is quite boring and nothing wonderful in it. Nevertheless, I wanted to exhibit the items that change my life although they were small and seem unnecessary.

Last but not the least thing you will see a dodgeball ball before leaving from the museum. I spent my beautiful times with my team members while playing dodgeball. It was great experience that I will never forget. It taught me a lot as friendship, self-sacrifice and respect to others. Finally, I am really glad to see you here. I hope when you have time, you come over again. Bye!


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