Music, A Window To Life

Our view on life differs from person to person. Some of us are optimistic about the future with heads full of dreams to achieve while others are pessimistic and have no faith in the future. When we connect the dots, it’s easy to see that these views are mainly linked to our childhood, our past memories and the things we’ve been through. There are some co-factors such as the environment, weather even the music we listen to.

Music has remarkably beneficial effects on the human body. It reduces pain, relieves stress and decreases the possibility of seizures and strokes. For me, listening to music is one of the things I enjoy most in my life.

It’s common sense that different tunes and music are played in different occasions. When at a cafe, usually calm and light acoustic music is heard. But at a party there is upbeat and loud music. In a research, music has been seen to affect our view on life. Not that it only affects our mood, it also affects how we see life.

People who listen to energetic, joyful and lively music, for a long period, tend to be what I decribed as being “optimistic”. People who are “pessimistic” listen to melancholic, gloomy songs which have lyrics with deep meaning.

Personally, I can’t describe my music taste in one category but I can say that I like all genres except of death metal. When I’m feeling down I listen to gloomy songs or classical music. If I want to escape that gloomy mood, I put on something upbeat and energetic. In a happy, good mood I listen to pop so that I can sing along. While writing or reading something I put on acoustic music. I can say that music changes my mood and perspective on life for the moment but I can’t say that view is permanent. Therefore, I can’t really tell you if music changes the way I look at the future.

To sum up, music affects our life more than we imagine. It affects how we’ll continue our lives and act in the future. Make sure to include music in your life no matter what happens.

“Music is an outburst of the soul.”

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