Music and People

As we all know, every person have a different personalities and perspectives against situations. Like how our personalities are different, so are our tastes in music. Every person has different music tastes. For example while I am more into “punk” or “goth” music my best friend likes slower “pop” music. What does our preferences in music has to do with our perspectives and reactions though?

Appearantly, as a survey done, the music types we listen to determines what kind of person we are. Of course, it makes sense. Since music represents how someone feels about something that happened, people who would relate to lyrics would şisten to those types of songs. Lyrics are for sure an important reason why we listen to the music we do. But is it only lyrics? Does the rhytm, the voice, the melody have to do anything with why we like the songs so much? For me, of course. As much as i relate to lyrics of the songs if the rhytm is slow, it would be very hard for me to listen. To give an example, there are a bunch of songs themed around being “heart broken” but if I was to listen a song with that theme, I would prefer something louder and more reactive.

Where I am getting here is that melody is as important as lyrics when it comes to affecting someone’s personality. I listen to loud music where artists yell and jump aggresively, my friend listens to music where the song is soft and in a lower tone. As personalities, I am way more reactive. I get angry easier and react to things more “aggresively”. As for her, she tends to be more kind and quiet, she does not get angry quick and when she does she does not react to it as much as me.

In conclusion, the music we listen to does determine what kind of a person we are. Of course, judging someone based on their music taste is wrong but I personally think you can understand a lot from a person based on their favorite artists and songs.


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