My 2023 Summer Plans

A lot of people going to a vacation in 2023 summer and I will be one of them too. The other ones will do a lot of fun things or something else but waht will I do? Last summer was remarkably enjoyable and although 2022 summer was passing to grade 10, there was a study too. Most of the people didn’t study on their subjects. Last summer I went on a study trip to the Germany and get good rating of that trip. In this summer do I have an another study trip? Lets see.

This years summer plan was obvious months ago in my head. Maybe go to a vacation or visit some cousins and friends. But right now when I look my summer plan, I see study , work and fun. Firstly I , my dad and my aunt will go to my village in  Kayseri in Ramadan. We will visit my grandpa and grandma. We will stay like 3 to 4 days and after that my mom and I will go to my other grandparents. Also we can stay there about 3 to 4 days. After that I will go home and rest. Also in all this program there is a study schedule . Because I want to start 11th grade ready.

In all my summers, I went to my aunts in Izmir. So I will be going there to visit my cousins and my aunt. They will be greatfull when I cook some realy good food. Me and my cousin will jaunt in İzmir and try new foods. After 5 to 6 days I probable return to Ankara and stay at home. The is a lot of work and homework to do so I will sacrifice myself to those.  I think my skores on test were too low for me so i want to increase the score. Also I am aiming to go to a University that is not in Turkey so I can get better education. So I will try my best to improve myself in subjects.  Also I will go out with my friends and play some football so i will not bored in home. Also maybe my mom and I could go to a vacation abroad.

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