My 2023 Summer

In 16 June ,we are getting our 11. report card from our teacher and then on 17. June we are going to Eskisehir with my team and teachers for Edinburgh camp .We are going to stay there for a  night. I’m so excited for the camp, I’m sure we will have so much fun while cooking our food,walking and generally camping.

ın 28 June ,my family and I will be on our way to Kaş/Antalya to meet our family friends and go for a boat trip for a week .We are planning this holiday/trip for so long so I’m sure it will be also so fun.

For after the boat trip ,the time line is not sure for us.But I guess in the middle of the holiday like 15th of july we will be on Izmir to see my grandfather and grandmother.

In Izmir/odemis ,I have my dads family ,ı love being in there because my aunt has a house that has a beatiful garden and there are lot of animal .And in the center there are a lot of restaurant that cooking delicious food.So maybe it can be the main reason why I love being there.

In Izmir/ayvalık ,my mothers family has a beach house ,so my family, her brothers family and her sisters family are going there and spend some time in there every summer .It’s like a meeting place for us because we are not able to meet anytime we want because we live in different cities .And I have some friends in there too so I’m not getting bored in there. I love going to the beach and reading book, listening to some music and walk in there .

And of course in general I need to study my national(TYT) lessons and international (As-A level) lessons. But I’m sure everything will be so good about this summer.

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