My Age

Life is like a passenger passing by, and we are too close-minded to realize it. We wake up, work and go to sleep in a day without doing anything worth the effort. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years… Say, mirror, do I feel like a small child, a young man or a strong adult?

To be frank, I feel like none of them. With each year passing by, I take one more step in the direction of my final scene. I see myself in flapping wings of a raven flying far, far away. With each breath I take in, my lungs expand like they are ready to accept my dark and cold destiny. That is why I feel like a 90-year-old man with shaking legs and a blurred vision.

I play tennis once in a while. That is when I feel excited. I get rid of the shaking legs and gain my vision back.

That is when I feel strong, as if I have gained my youth back. As if I have drunk a cup of blessing from the youth fountain. I can suddenly feel the fingertips of mine. I feel energized. My hair turns back to brown. Now, I am a twenty-five-year-old man.

When I feel ill, I need someone to take care of me, like everyone. At those times, I am dependent. Eating the food they cooked and putting the wet towel they gave me on my forehead… I become a sick child. Now, I am 21 years younger.

It is only when I am with my friends, I feel like my age again. I get to have fun, experience new things, talk about everyday things. That is when I feel 16. My energy is back, the blood in my veins continue rushing to every cell. I can run fast, jump high and feel alive. On the other hand, I barely find the time to be with the people I enjoy spending time with. This is the main problem we have in our lives. We forget how short life is, and ignore every other important matter in terms of our happiness. Is it the school preventing us from doing so? Or is it the fact that we have to make a living instead of living? Whatever the answer is, our future does not seem bright.

Regardless of calender, I am whatever age I feel like. When I am dependent, I feel young. When I am in pain, I am old and when I am happy or delighted, I am once again my age. That is exactly why people should enjoy their lives instead of feeling like a 90-year-old man wih white hair and wrinkles on his face.

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