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My Beloved Detective

When i woke up i felt a disgusting taste in my mouth, I could not describe the tiredness I felt while rubbing my eyes.  When I turned my right, my best friends, Detective Jack, and Sophia were sleeping on the floor as if they were babies. I quietly walked past them so as not to wake them and headed towards the bathroom. While washing my face, I thought of the perfect party we had last night. An entire police department was celebrating my becoming chief. Thanks to the promotion I got, my job was more important. That’s why we decided to party together the day after the promotion. 

While I was thinking about this, a pair of hands wrapped around my waist from behind and placed a loving kiss on my cheek. It was Sophia. She said good morning to me with his angelic hands and rose-scented hair.  While we were having moments of love, Jack’s voice came from behind. “Get ready, love angels or we’ll be late”. That’s right, how can I forget, today was the second day of my promotion. We got dressed immediately and got ready to leave the house. Just as I was about to close the outer door, I saw that the TV was on. It was news of a serial killer, what made him special wasn’t that he was a serial killer, it was the way he committed the murders that made him special. The way he did the murders was something no one had done before. First of all, the bodies were found exactly one month after the murder each time, and they were killed by being stabbed in the livers each time.
As I continued to listen to the news, I heard Sophia’s delicate voice “Come on, we’re going to be late.” I had a serial killer news on my mind while we were going to work.On the 2nd day of my promotion, everything was going normally and calmly. Assistants were running from place to place, incoming calls were answered, and a good coffee conversation was made during breaks. A strange thing happened in the evening. Sophia texted me that she would leave work early and said she was expecting me in the evening. This was unusual because Sophia had a lot of work to do and she was a very fulfilling responsibilities person. I took over Sophia’s business and texted her that I would be back this evening.
While I was getting things done, I took a sip of the coffee Sophia made me and continued my work. After coffee, I felt a heaviness on me and decided that I should go home. I tried to reach my cell phone to call the taxi but in vain I was too tired. I realized I was at the airport when I came to myself. The airport was empty and I was sitting in the middle tied to a chair. Screen popped up. A news was being announced on the screen, it was the news of the murderer I saw this morning. As I watched the news, a voice from behind whispered to me “Hi, my beloved detective”.
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