MY …… CAR?

I finally turned 18 today. Think about it, I waited for this moment for 18 years and finally I turned 18. I got my driver’s license yesterday and I’m going to buy my car today. It’s noon and I’m just starting the process. At this rate, I won’t be able to get my car today. Finally, my mom came to help and we finished it in 2 hours. We bought a very cheap last model sports car. My mother was very surprised that the car was so cheap, but I think it was a bargain, most probably the owner was trying to sell it quick. Today is a brand-new day and I couldn’t sleep until the morning because of my excitement to go to buy my first car. I had a quick breakfast and went to pick up my car… And I regretted going, I wish I hadn’t gone to buy the car because instead of selling me a latest model sports car, they sold me a first model Tofaş. I went home and called my mother, my mother said, “I told you, what if you listen to me for once?” she began to moan like all the mothers. Do these mothers have to know everything?

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