My Day

It was our free-day so we didn’t have any dance or vocal practice. The others were sleeping so I decided to go out for a walk. I got up from my bed then I went to the bathroom. I took a quick shower and get dressed. I was wearing my big black hoodie over my graphic t-shirt and baggy black jeans. I brushed my messy hair and got out of the bathroom. I took my keys and I went downstairs. I wore a black mask and left the dorm. It was September so the weather was cold. The cold breeze made shiver. I decided to buy something to eat so I went into a convenience store. I bought onigiri and orange juice. Even though it was our free-day, I went to our company’s building. It was hot inside so I took my hoodie off when I arrived to Chris’s studio. I was eating my onigiri and working on the album that we needed to finish till October. It was going to be our first Japanese album so it needs to be perfect. It was lunch time so I went to the cafeteria. Todays meals were kimchi stew, rice, chicken and watermelon slices. I looked for an empty place to sit. There was a seat at the back so I walked there. When I started eating, Yuna came to me.



‘Can I sit here with Yeji?’

‘Yeah sure!’

I finished eating my meal but I decided to stay and chat with Yeji and Yuna. After they were done with eating, I went back to the studio while Yeji and Yuna went to the dance practice room. I was working on our album when Brian came into the studio. I formally greeted him and gave him a seat. We talked a little about our schedules. Brian told me that he would like to collaborate with Stray Kids one day. After chatting a little more, he left the studio. I was done with my work when Felix called me. He said that the members were worried about me and it was dinner time so I needed to go back to the dorm. When I arrived to the dorm Minho opened the door. He hugged me.

‘Where have you been Jisung?’

‘I was at the studio’

We were having dinner and everyone was there so I decided to tell them what happened that day.

‘Are you guys ready to hear what I am gonna say?’

Everyone nodded their heads.

‘Brian told me that he would like to collaborate with us one day.’

Everyone smiled except Seungmin. He was staring at me with eyes wide open. Everyone laughed at Seungmin cuteness.


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