My Dear Son

My Dear Son,

I want you to know, I love you too much. I advise you to do and not to do when you were at my age 9 years.


Dear Son,

Please love and save the kids.

Please love and save the trees, flowers, all nature.

Please love and save the animals, do not hurt them.

Please love and save your country.

Please save the earth.

Please keep your money for your future.

Please do not bully anybody for their race or appearance

Respect to other humans and nature.

Please love and respect your parents, like me.

Please love and understand Ataturk.

Please follow his bright vision like a pioneer.

Do not be liar, do not be selfish.

Try to do your best,

Fly like an eagle in the sky

Do not afraid about falling down,

Stand up and do it again until you gain.

You are my gift from the God like that my father said to me.

I will be always with you.

Do not forget I am somewhere here.

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