My Dream Library

I would want a very large library with lots of old books that other people read. I love books that contain notes that  taken by people who read the books. I acually love books in general because it makes me feel like i’m escapeing from this world and entering to the books world. In my dream library I would like mostly french romance book. Because it’s sof un to read and it makes me so happy. And I would want a library that has my favorite writers books in it. Actually there is a lot of writers that i love but my top one is stefan zweig. I love his style to write and tell the story thats why i would really like to fill my library mostly with his books. Except romance books i really like detective books. That has mystery and crimes in it. One of my favorite writer is Agatha Christie. She is one of the best writers in the world. And I love her books and I have a collection of her books.  But still stefan zweig is is my favorite and i think it will continue like that for few more years. Because his books are makeing me feel comfortable and happy. It is my favorite activity to read his books. And I would like pictures of the authors so i can decorate my library. And most importantly my library has to be huge. Because i love seeing the view of the books. And i wouldn’t want my librarys shelfs so clean. I would like them to be a little dusty. Because i think that way the library looks prettier and more natural. And i would like a lot of plants in my library so it can look better and i can feel the nature with me. And i would want my library middle of the forest so i can go out to the nature whenever i want and read books. I mostly like to read books alone because there is no one to bother me or there is nothing else that i can focus. Except cats.

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