My Euxine Sea Trip

3 mount ago I and my family went euxine sea with travel agency. Our travel lasted 24 hours by bus in the first day. We gave breaks a few times on our way to Erzincan, our first stop. When we arrived we had breakfast in popular restaurant of region. Shortly after we wandered at Girvelik waterfall and we took photos in front of waterfall. Next we saw special stones beautiful from each other. We ate kebab in there. It was very nice I would definitely recommend it.
The next day we went through 39 tunnels at midnight to go to Artvin.
the hotel we stayed in was much more luxurious than other hotels which was very nice. Next day we went black lake. We rowed in the boat there. I think this was the best place we visited during the tour. Because the calm of the nature of the black lake was very impressive and relaxing. It was taking all the stress of human. We went to Georgia – Batumi toured the historical monuments there and tasted the famous food. Actually I can’t say that it’s delicious. we had a picnic in the Rize- Ayder plateau. I rode the toy bull each round turned even faster and harder. Our hotel was by the river. There was a zipline that passing through the river which called storm river. We got on a cable car to Boztepe. The view from the top was very nice. We could see the sunset of the city.
I would love to watch the sunset sitting on the stones at the summit. Finally we went to Trabzon. We learned to collect tea. we visited the tea factory and saw how the tea was produced. I learned a lot from this trip and enjoyed it. One day If you go to the euxine sea you should go to the places I mentioned.

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