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My exhibition

If your life was exhibited in an exhibition, what would you like to see in this exhibition? maybe many of you would like to see an exhibition where your happiest memories are collected. It would be nice if your most successful narrative, your most exciting moments, your happiest moments were gathered in an exhibition.

I would definitely like to see the moments where I am proud of myself in an exhibition where my life is exhibited. For example, I would like to see a photo of the day I was selected as an international mediator in the mediation tournament in middle school. Two years ago, I promised myself that I would be the first in that competition and when I received that document, I wanted to cry with pride. Another moment of success is when I was elected president of my old school. I wanted to be the head of school since I was little, and for the first time I was able to realize this dream in 7th grade. I was very happy that people saw me as president, and I was proud of myself again. Of course, everyone has such memories in their life. I would definitely like to see these memories of success in the exhibition.

Another wish I would have would be to display photos of the good days I spent with people who truly love me. I would like to see those people I love, who offered me a shoulder instead of leaning against the wall on my worst days, in this exhibition. For example, my friend whom I really love, I should see the wedding there. My friend Nika, who did not let go of my hand even for a second in hospital beds when my health was not good, who did not blink until I opened my eyes, and who managed to add color to even my worst days, would definitely take part in this exhibition. The days when you ate donuts with him and chatted until the night were in this exhibition. I also have my cousin Cemre and Çiğdem. Their place is very special to me. I spent my entire childhood with them and I owe most of my childhood memories to them. they were also included in this exhibition.


Another thing that will take place in this exhibition is the places that left a good or bad impression on me.  You know, there are some places where you get a nice tingling in your stomach as you pass by and you don’t want to believe that everything you’ve been through is in the past,those places were in my exhibition. The school library where we fell asleep while solving the test, the secret picnic garden where we always go with our wedding, the site park where we spent almost four years, and more.

Sometimes I want to see my bad memories. That’s why I would like these memories to be in the exhibition. For example, when the results of the test exams I worked so hard for were bad, when I quarreled with people and questioned myself, our constant fights with my family every night, and the times when I thought about killing myself, the endless hours in hospitals… I would like to see all of these memories in this exhibition. I would love to see it because I would be proud of myself once again. I used to be proud of myself that I got through all the bad things, good or bad, and that I’m still here.

Finally, I would like to see my volleyball life. I’ve really been playing volleyball for nine years and volleyball has a very special thing for me. I go to training every weekday and now my love for volleyball is in a different dimension. I feel tired after doing a lot of stuff all day at school. and I console myself by saying, “Anyway, there’s volleyball practice in the evening.” Even though I’m feeling so tired, I’d be happy to get into the three-hour workout. because volleyball is like my charger. Volleyball is the reason I started the other day fresh. so volleyball would definitely be included in this exhibition.

In short, I squeezed both good and bad feelings into this exhibition. because when I examine this exhibition, I understand that while there are many good aspects of life, it can also have very bad aspects. this life will not always bring us good things and when I examined this exhibition, I realized that I was someone who could deal with them. while watching good memories, I knew that no matter what, that smile was always hidden somewhere. I mean, actually, while I was displaying these memories, I was teaching myself life again.

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