My Expectations

Days are passing, we are approaching a new year every day. Each passing day takes something from us or adds something to us. I think this year has brought me the most maturity and awareness. Even though time doesn’t give back what it took from us, sometimes it can give good things. I don’t know if I can say that it gave me what I expected him to give me. Speaking of expectations, we enter the new year with wishes and expectations every upcoming year. So what are my expectations from this year and what are the things that I did not allow to happen? let’s see.

I actually think that expectations and desires prevent some things. 2 years ago, I made a wish with my best friend. I entered the next year wishing alone, as none of those expectations were met. This looks kind of funny actually. I think the thing I want most next year is to be happy. . I very much want to be able to focus on my studies. One of my biggest expectations is that none of my current problems will be my problems in the future I have another expectation that everyone can live as they want and that financial difficulties will end.This is exactly what will surprise me the most if it happens..

My expectations are not too high yes, but I think they are nice and sufficient. As in every new year, I will enter this year with expectations and I cannot explain how important they are to me. I hope your new year turns out as you expected.

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