My Fellow Traveller

The idea of founding a company has been intellectually exciting since my childhood. While I lay on my bed, it has been my inevitable habit that I imagine myself in my office. The idea of being busy with my business is one of my life ambition. In many instances, the way of how to expand my company and to manage prospectively emerging problems has been around my had

Throughout the years, my dreams are evolving due to my growth and influence of technological development. In recent years, energy and climate crises draws my attention. In particular, renewable energy sources such as solar energy can be considered to be remarkably promising to amend possible treacherous impacts and provide us with a sustainable lifestyle.

I am certainly aware of the fact that I must select people conscientiously and know them deeply with whom I strive to achieve my goals when I have sufficient condition to start with realizing them. The reason is that it would not be achieved with the performance of one person. On the contrary, it is the synergic effort of a group of people First of all, I believe that all of my team members must believe in common goals. From bottom to top the spirit of working together to overcome problems would enhance the yield.

Another significant aspect of my business is that despite obvious reliance on technology, being respectful to humans and the environment would be indispensable. That aspect must be kept as one part of the morality of my employees. Furthermore, all of my employees should invest themselves to improve themselves with regards to scientific compatibility. In addition, they must possess the ability to contact other people effectively and as a basic requirement, they must keep their honesty.

Interpreting the people and determining whether they have these qualities is not a trivial job that can be done in a few days. However, patience and discrimination against people having not desired qualifications would enable us to succeed in that journey.

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