My Finland Holiday

I went to Finland in August 2018. I went with my family, one of my mom’s friend and her cousin.  It was very cold, although it was august. We went to capital city of Finland.Helsinki. First we went to the University of Finland. I looked up the classrooms. I saw a limousine near the university. For the first time in my life I saw a limousine. It was very expensive city. To be honest i knew it would be expensive, but I didn’t expect this much.



After Helsinki we went to Porvoo. We went to Porvoo with ferryboat. We went to Porvoo Church.It’ not just for not just for worship they use it for concerts to. After touring we went to a cafe and we met one Turkish guy in the cafe. We chatted with him and we went back to Helsinki.  We had a lot of fun in Helsinki. I bought a snow globe, keychain and glass. Yeah we had a lot of fun but it’s so cold like I realize  that I can’t live in Helsinki. But I think after a time I can get used to it after a while. Helsinki is south of Finland and even in south it’s so cold I wondering  north side of Finland. I like thier traditional food.



For me this journey was important because I want to go to Finland so much. And we went. I wanted to see the northern lights, but we didn’t. Maybe one day I can go for northern lights. It would be better if the weather was warm. But I like Helsinki even though it’s cold.

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