My Future?

I have recently been thinking about my future and how I am going to shape it. Money was a big problem, of course, but recently I have received a great amount of money and now it is not a problem. I can plan my future without any concerns about money.

Education is really important for me. Learning and being able to use new skills is a significant part of my life. The reason for that is my mother and the way I was raised. In our family, knowledge is everything. Since I was a little girl, my mother always used to tell me about two ways. The first one is a good way, you go there with hard work and patience. The second way is a bad way if you do not do anything you go there. I chose the first way and it is really important to live my life according to my goals and decisions. I would do anything to be a better human being and go to a good college. For example Harvard or Oxford. I would spend most of my money on myself to learn new skills. Then I would start a music band and sing there. Also, I would buy myself a new electric guitar and learn how to play it.
After college, with my college degree, I would start working with Elon Musk for Tesla and SpaceX. On another hand, I would start my space company. Which will be about collecting trash in space (can be unused satellites or rocket pieces.)When I am older, I would hand over the company and be a professor in college.

I have been planing this future since I am 9. Now all I want is this to become true. With or without extra money, I will always try my best to have this future because this future is the perfect future for me.

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