Poster for dance studio. Flyer or element of advertizing for social dances studio. Flat vector illustration. Dance party poster template, event flyer invitation.


Hi mom, they just accepted me for the job. Do you want to know how? Let’s see!

– Hello, Ma’am. Is the boss’ room in here?

– Yes, it is. Did you come for the job advertisement?

– Yes! Can I enter?

– Of course. Are you professional at dancing? I mean, can you teach to our students?

– Yes, I am a professional dancer. I have worked at some schools but I am not sure if I can teach them as you want.

– Rüya, first of all, you need to trust yourself. Think about this a little, while you are thinking, I will look at your CV. If you want, you can go and buy some coffee for yourself.

– Okay Madame Rüya.

5 minutes later

– Did you look at my CV, Ma’am?

– Yes, I did and I enjoyed it. I think you are the best person for this job and I think you can start this Thursday!

-Thank you Madame Rüya! See you on Thursday.

– You’re welcome. See you sooon!

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