My Life

If an exhibition was organized for me, there wouldn’t be much in it. I don’t care about everything that happens in my life, so the parts that I call a part of my life are limited. I also didn’t want to put bad memories that I don’t want to remember because exhibitions are for good things.


Video footage taken just before I was born would be the first thing I would put in my exhibition. In the video recording, my family members in the hospital were talking and my belongings were being introduced. I would add two blankets with gazelle and lamb pictures that I used when I was a baby. I would add the teddy bear I received as a gift on my first birthday and had been with me for years. maybe the most important part of the exhibition would be my teddy bear because that is what I value most in this life. The second thing I value most is my cartoon DVDs. I used to come home from kindergarten and watch those cartoons nonstop. So one of the most important parts of the exhibition would be my cartoon dvds. I don’t have much to display about our summer house but I would display the shells I collected there.


I wouldn’t put anything school related in my exhibit. I don’t have many bad memories of school but it’s not an important part of my life. But I used to prepare a special area in my exhibition about what I think about the friends I met and loved at school. And lastly, I would put the board games we played with my family and the photos we took with my family in my exhibition.


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