Hi my name is Marrianna. I was born partly disabled. It took my parents a long while to discover what was wrong with me as I was crying for days and nights. I bet I wasn’t the lucky baby. Because of my disability, I couldn’t go to the same school as my little brother. I didn’t like the special school that I was going from the beginning. At the school that I was going, I had an accident and I lost my only eye I had! Now I was completely blind. But I never gave up, I was a fighter. I wanted to be successful in my life. I loved singing. My dream was to be an opera artist. Everyone liked my voice and I won some competitions nationalwise. But when I was around 11,  one year after I was completly blind, I lost my voice tone because I was a teenager. My family wanted me to have a law degree and I did. It wasn’t easy. But when I earned a law degree, I didn’t want to become a lawyer or a judge. I wanted to sing, but I lost my confidence. I had to work hard.

I took some lessons and I got my confidence back, but a few months later I couldn’t effort to pay the bills. I wanted to earn money as I didn’t want my family to look after me. This is why I applied for a job at the piano bar to sing at nights. While I was waiting for a reply from the owner of the piano bar, I did something crazy. I sent a message to a famous opera artist and said that I wanted to join his opera tour all around the country. Next day, they called from the club and asked me to go to an interview. After a while, I found out that the opera artist called at the same time while I was talking to the club owner. After I learned this, I called the opera artist for 100 times. At last he picked up the phone and told me “We don’t need you anymore” hung up on my face. I was shocked because I wanted to earn money from the easy way. I lost the chance of being a famous opera artist. I regret that I took the call from the piano bar and chose to earn money from the easy way instead of working hard for my dream job. 

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