My Mind Was Playing Tricks On Me

One week left for schools close. I woke up in the morning to go to school. I washed my face, wear my school clothes and I start walking to school. I couldn’t do breakfast because I going to be late. on my way have one red apple, I was very hungry and I take the apple from the tree. Apple was a little sour but I eat the apple. When started firs lesson my my stomach is growling. I said maybe it’s hunger and wait a lunch. In the lunch I eat oll food but still wanted to eat. When I came to home My mom making a cake for to guests, but I ate it all when the cake. İt had been a one week but i go on on eating.In the dinner time we eat meatball I finished my meatball and I asked my mom can I take a meatball. My dad say joked that there’s definitely another person inside you. let’s give it a name. My dad says his name is will be . I didn’t like this joke at first, but after when I want a two plate I said I am full now Richard want it. A few days later i woke up and I feel scared. I see nightmare in nightmare a hand came out of my mouth and said to me too. In morning I told the nightmare to my father and we go to doctor. Doctor said tapeworm in the your gut. That makes me hallucinate, It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. This is because of the apple I ate in the garden.

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