Hello, my name is Kevin and I’m going to talk about my missing twin. When I and my brother were 6 months old some kidnapers kidnapped my twin at night. I was sleeping with my parents in the same room, but my twin was sleeping in the baby’s room because at that times I was sick and my parents were worried about me so they were keeping me in their room. The kidnappers got into the house by the window in the baby’s room and they took my twin Mark with them. When my family found out about this, they were deeply depressed and didn’t even tell me that I had a twin till I got 13 years old.

After that, one day at my school, I had to give a speech infront of the whole school. I took the podium in applause to give my speech. I was just about to start speaking when I saw him in the crowd. It was literally myself. After I gave my speech I ran into him and said “Are you my lost twin?”. I was not expecting him to say yes but I just felt like I had to say it. And it was weird that I have never noticed him in the school. He said “I barely know you and I have no brothers but we look so alike.” After that I thought kidnapers would literally say the same to their child so that they won’t suspect. I took his and my photo together and showed it to my parents. My dad is a police officer so he runed back the story of his parents and found out that they were convicted before for kidnaping. So, they caught the kidnapers and saved Mark from them. After that Mark was so traumatized but he came back normal after a few months.

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