My Mom’s Friends

It has been just a few week after my moms death. I can still sometimes hear or see her, but not ”only” her. It is not bothering me though. I know they will never hurt me and they actually want to help me. I was so lonely these days after my mom passed away. She was my only friend and the only friend I need.

At first, I could not accept the fact that se was murdered, dead, gone but when I first saw her stone-cold body, I knew everything was going to be different after that moment. I said to myself ”If something is gone, there has to be a way to bring it back.”. That’s how my journey started. My spiritual journey. I have tried every way to bring her back. Spells, ouija board, some books, rituels, lucid dreaming and anything else. Not to bring her back but to talk to her one last time, to say her goodbye.

I remember it so well when I first saw her in one of my dreams. After I tried that one spell she actually came into my dream. She was staring right straight at me. Then many other eyes appeared, I tried to talk to her because I was thinking I was lucid dreaming but I was so wrong. It was a warning for a terrible thing that was about to happen to me.

I never saw her after that night until last week. I was getting ready to sleep and I was in the bathroom. The door was open for like 7 inches and I could see my corridor from there but when I checked I saw a long black shadow and big white eyes that were staring at me instead of my corridor. I thought it may be my mom and those shadow stuff has been going on for almost a week. I feel like I am sharing my house with many people. Sometimes I can not find my stuff or find it at somewhere completely irrelevant.

Yesterday I could not feel any energy of some spirits and I know I would feel if theye were really there. Nothing weird happened to me afterwards. Did they leave me all of a sudden? Even my mom? Who am I even kidding. After one week of being less lonely it turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. I hope.Görüntü kaynağı: Corpse Bride, 2005

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