Hello my name is Kuzey. İn this writing ı will talk about my semester holiday. First of all, I think that holiday passed very fast because I think I felt very happy and easy-going, but I still think it was a little bit boring and I felt very bored first 2 days because I didn’t do anything. I just watched movies and checked my mobile phone. Whatever now let’s come to the real point. When semester start, on 1 week I finished my homework and read books. In the second week of the winter break (for me the most funny and good week on semester), we went to Elma Mountain for skiing. When its snow to our neighborhood we played whit snow with my friends. 1 day later one of my friends came to our home and stay 4 days then we diced to went ILGAZ but the area where we stayed was very crowded, so we gave up on going and that’s my semester holiday.

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