Hello, I am very excited because I opened stress reducion place last month. My first visitor was a doctor. He said “I am doctor and I see lots of ill people, so I have a stress.” My advice were these: “You should apply the relaxation techniques. Firstly breathing exercise, rhytmic exercise, muscle relaxation. Also, you should stay in a quiet place for 30 minutes.” My second visitor was an engineer. He had low self esteem. “You should think about the things that make you happy. You should find something positive to direct your mind.” I said. Third, my visitor was a student. He had breathing tenosis palpition before his exams. I said, “You should relax your mind. With your intelligence and skills, you will be successful in the exam. You constant your energy because if you repeat your things, your subconscious makes them a habit.”

My job is very hard but I’m researching for methods of coping with stress. Remember that smiling and good ideas make you relaxed. Also, you’re in control.


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