My Summer Break

The school is finishing at June the 16th, so, it is time to take a break, a three-month long break called ‘summer break’. In my blog, I am going to tell you, my agenda.

In the very first week of the summer break, I will pretty much do nothing but resting, reading books, and playing computer games. I am going to read books regularly, so, I will not mention it again. In the second week of the break, which is the last week of June, I am going to start to doing sports. I am going to continue to the tennis lessons that I am already taking and do fitness with a close friend of mine and reduce time I spend to play video games. Only two weeks of June is included to the summer break, so, that is my June.

First week of the July will probably be the same with the previous week, last week of July. I do not know when we are going to have a holiday, so, I’m not sure of this part. In the second week, I am going to have a holiday with my family and my parents’ friends. I will relax and have a great time. After all the fun I had, I am going to return my lovely, beautiful, desert-like city. When I return, I am going to do vocational apprenticeship to acquire necessary skills for the FRC -FIRST Robotics Competition- which is a tournament that teams make robots and compete them. The skills that I will earn are not just about FRC, they are skills that will be useful for my entire life. Meanwhile, I will not stop doing sports. That is my July.

In August, I’ll quit from apprenticeship. Because I have lessons to study. In the 9th grade, I will have a lot of important exams in the same times. Sometimes I think of that, and it drives me crazy! I really care about IGCSE exams and if I do not get good grades, it will make me very disappointed and sad. I do not want this to happen, so, I will study to prevent this. Since there is no school, I do not have to spend half of my day for the school. There is a lot of time, and I am going to spend this time by doing sports and meeting with friends. In August the 20th, I won’t forget to celebrate my birthday with my friends. This my August and summer break.

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