My Summer Vacation

Like most of the people, the best season for me is summer.Summer holidays are days full of good memories for almost every student. During my summer vacation, I usually prefer to read books. I like to walk along the creek near our house, which is usually dry in summer, and look for strange and interesting things. In addition, after reading comics in the evenings, I like to tour with my friends by bike and, if possible, to spend time in the greenery in the picnic areas near our house.

When we enter the second month of the holiday, namely July, my family and I go to Cyprus, which is our favorite place to go. Cyprus, an island that welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year, is a holiday center that stands out with its natural beauties, historical structures and unique beaches on the Mediterranean coast.I am a person who loves the sea very much, but visiting historical places has always given me more pleasure.My favorite places to visit in Cyprus; Othello Castle and Salamis Ancient City. Othello Castle, located within the borders of Suriçi District of Famagusta, is 60 kilometers from Nicosia. Transportation is made by following the Famagusta – Nicosia road to the east by private vehicle. It is also possible to reach the region by taxi or by minibus from Famagusta, which departs every 20 minutes. Othello Castle, which is among the 14th century structures in Cyprus, was built to prevent possible attacks from outside the island. After passing under the control of the Venetians, traces of many civilizations can be seen in the castle, which was surrounded by walls. Among the striking details of the building, the lion statue stands out. The front legs of the lion statue, which is known to have been built for a Venetian captain, are shown on land and its hind legs under the sea. Othello Castle, which can still preserve its authentic texture together with the statue, which is expressed that the Venetians are strong both in the sea and on the land, is among the places to visit in Cyprus. Salamis, one of the oldest ancient cities of Cyprus, is located in the Yeni Boğaziçi Neighborhood of the city of Famagusta. Transportation to the Ancient City of Salamis, which is 55 kilometers away from Nicosia, is made by continuing the Famagusta – Nicosia road in the east direction. Famagusta minibuses or taxis departing every 20 minutes to the region can also be reached. The ancient city of Salamis, which is open to visitors today with its history dating back to an average of 2000 years, has been worn out over time and has been damaged by the effects of natural disasters. Among the structures that you can visit and examine in the ancient city are Salamis Gymnasium, ancient theatre, Roman houses, Epiphanios Basilica, Zeus Altar, Cellarga Mass Tombs, agora and Nicocreon Monument.

Due to the pandemic, I did not have the opportunity to visit here last summer, but I hope I have a chance to go this summer.


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