my summer

It was almost the summer of 2023 and I was starting to make plans. I wanted to have more fun this summer as my 2022 summer was so boring. So we made plans with both my friends and family. School ends on June 16 then our vacation started . I will be in Ankara for the first two weeks . Then go to the Bodrum with my friends. I think Bodrum is best locaiton of Turkey. If you ask WHY ? . Because Bodrum is a touristic city and a summer resort that reflects the history of our country. After Bodrum, I will go to Istanbul again with my friends. I also have a lot of fun at night in Istanbul. Istanbul has many places to visit. The only bad thing about Istanbul is that you can’t swim in the sea. After Istanbul, I will go to England alone, I will take language training for 2 months and come. I’m really excited about this, it’s the first time I’m going to be away from my family for such a long time alone, actually this situation makes me both happy and scared. You will either have a lot of fun in England or I am bored. There are 25 people in total in the place where I will stay. There will be people from different countries and different cultures, so I am very excited.After England, I plan to come back to Ankara and then end the article.It will be a quick summer for me

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