What comes to mind when you think of time travel, a time machine, the future, or the past? Frankly, these things do not come to my mind, but if they did, I would not be able to travel in time, how should I explain: Time travel is a travel event similar to the movement between certain points in time, a dimension transition made by an object or a person. I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Beatrix Jones. I discovered time travel in my current year, 2197. My ancestors were Turkish, but my favourite of my ancestors was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Everyone was calling me a liar when I said that. So, 19 years later I bought a lab to honour my ancestors and started working. After working for exactly 7 years, I had achieved my goal. Then I started using subjects, for example, I wanted to send the phone to 2145 and accidentally sent it to 1994, causing the invention of the smartphone.

Sometime after that, I started using human subjects and ran tests. Now the time machine was working as I wanted. I was going to present this to the world. Something was on my mind, why wasn’t I traveling in time? I got up early in the morning and got into the time machine and was thinking about when to go. I remembered Atatürk, who inspired me to time travel in my mind. I was going to go to 1926. Pasha was alive then and the war was over and everyone was happy. I said the time I wanted and why, because if the machine fell into the hands of bad people he would once say a reason to go. I said and went to the year 1926. I couldn’t adapt because their clothing styles were so different. I saw someone there, our clothing style was the same, so we came from the same time. He must have sneaked into the machine while I was sleeping. I had met him. Then we found Atatürk and chatted, it was fun.

We were friends when we got back. Now I am doing my science studies with him.

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