My Trip to Eskişehir

Everyone went to somewhere in the semester break right? Some went to foreign countries, some stayed in Turkey and instead of going abroad, they went to other cities like Adana, İzmir, Eskişehir and so on…
I am going to tell you guys my part of the semester break

First of all, we went to Eskişehir for my dentist appointment, they had to replace my dental braces with new ones since the one i was using broke. Me and my Mom used to go there alot so we know what is in where. It was one and a half hour way and once the train departured i enjoyed that beautiful scenery outside the window. It had snowed in the night so everywhere was white and beautiful. In addition to this, the sun was shining so it looked even better. Anyways, once we arrived at Eskişehir, station was beautiful with sunshine leaking from around the branches. We hailed a taxi and made our way to Eskişehir Osmangazi University and even though it was a bit crowded because of flu-like COVID-19 virus. The doctors and other medical team members were working hard and Ambulances were coming in and out non-stop. We passed there and made it to the faculty of Dentistry. There was a pathway where trees covered it up and made it look like out of a movie scene, and i really enjoyed that view ( i even took some photos ). After everything was done and i had my new dental braces with me, my mom gave me some money and we separated at the entrance of faculty. I’ve went through Bazaar, which Eskişehir is kinda famous of, and bought some really nice food there, It was full of people going somewhere and i sat somewhere high and watched the crowd passing by while eating my food. It really felt warm and i was happy for some reason. Then i’ve boarded a tram to Atatürk Boulevard and watched some videos on the way. Once i arrived there, I instantly called my friends and i’ve told them to meet me at Dede Korkut park. I got there earlier than i expected an decied to explore the area. I saw some birds making a nest on one of the trees and captured it on video. I am going to be honest ,they were really funny to watch.

Anyways, after meeting with my gang we had alot of fun but i had to go back home so my mom called me and said i should be at the trainstation by 6 p.m. I’ve went there and we boarded the train. That is all.

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