My vacation in pandemic period

With the COVID-19 virus, all of our lives have changed. The pandemic has affected people very negatively in all aspects. Governments took precautionary measures to spread the infection of coronavirus. One of these measures was the curfew.

By the curfew decision of the government, we were all confined to our homes. We couldn’t go to our school. We couldn’t go to our sports clubs. We couldn’t go out and play football or basketball. We couldn’t meet our friends anywhere, even at home. Finally, summer vacation time has come. Unfortunately, as usual, we would not be able to go to a hotel on the beach and have a sea vacation. I was very upset and unhappy about this situation. I didn’t want to spend the whole summer locked up at home.

My mom and dad thought a lot and came up with a solution to this situation. They rented a villa with its own swimming pool and garden in Antalya. We decided to spend our holiday there as a family. Thus, we would not have time with anybody near us and we could have a holiday without getting into the crowd. My grandparents also came with us and it was important to protect them form the crowd. This was not one of the very big hotels that we always prefer for having an enjoyable vacation. It did not have any large pools. It had no aquapark and no slides. There was no unlimited food and beverage. There was no sea or sand. When I saw the small pool, I was very sad and began crying. I cried for three hours. My mom told me that I could also be happy with small things. Then I realized that I was actually very lucky to go there in the pandemic conditions. The house has a beatiful garden with grass where I could play ball. There were fragrant flowers, fruit trees and palm trees in the garden. There was sun shining above. Everything belonged to us and we could act as we wished without fear of the COVID-19 virus infection. The best part of this vacation was that we could enter the pool at any time every night. There was no officer who tells that it is forbidden to enter the pool at nights.

Despite the small pool and the small house, it was a great source of happiness for me to be able to swim freely with my family at all hours during the day and the night. It was a real freedom for me. Shortly, one of the most fun and special holidays I’ve had was my pandemic holiday.


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