My Weekend

One day when I woke up, I was so happy because it was the weekend. I had so many plans for the day. First of all, I brushed my teeth. Then I wore my clothes. Then I ate my breakfast. I did my last homework which were Math, Science and English. Then I had an idea to do a prank on my brother. I would put some tooth paste inside of an Oreo.Then I found the Oreo and took its marshmallow off and put the tooth paste and gave it to my brother. But he did not get fooled. When I was in the garden playing with my ball, I jumped with the noise coming from the garden, it scared me. It was a dog that was barking at me. Actually it was not barking at me, it was barking at my ball. Then the dog came through the bushes. It looked at me super cute so that’s why I gave my ball to the dog.

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