My Wishes From 2022

As everyone knows, we are about to end 2021. And everyone has wishes for the new year. Everyone sincerely believes that these wishes will come true. Sometimes we want impossible things too. We want things like flying, teleporting, being a fairy, being a superhero…  These are unlikely to happen.

   I also have some wishes from 2022. The most important thing for me is the happiness of my family. Because the happier they are, the happier I will be. And one of my biggest desires is success. I know success is something you can earn on your own. But I also want that because I believe in luck. I think success and happiness are directly proportional. I want to study medicine abroad for the future. For this, success must be high. Both academic and social success are very important. And what most people want is money. I want money too. Although people claim otherwise, money is everything. The only thing money can’t buy is time. Because even if it is fake, people can even make friends with money. Likewise, I think money and happiness are directly proportional. One of my wishes is a beautiful body. I know every body is perfect but I want to lose weight. I want my acne to go away too. One of my favorite things is chocolate, so I want lots of chocolate too. Although chocolate may seem like a simple request for many people, I love chocolate. Also, one of my requests is a new latest model phone and computer. These are a bit too expensive, but technology has advanced a lot these days. I want to adapt to this situation. And I really like the look of new model phones and computers. And they are very useful.

   I hope the new year 2022 will be very good for everyone. Because everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. At the same time, ensure equality and justice all over the world. I wish everyone a happy new year in advance.

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