Mysterious House

It was a dark night.There was a deep silence outside.Wickinson’s house was even more silent than others.Everyone in that house was waiting for the sunrise.A detective called Mark was on his way to Wickinson’s house,one of the wealthiest family in Britain.He had suspicions about Patricken’s,which is a rival of the Wickinson’s in soap market.He stopped thinking about the case for a moment and he started preparing for his speech.He dressed in black for the funeral of old man.He stopped in the gas station.After his car had drunk the gasoline,he continued going to his one-way road through meadows.When he came,he had already missed the funeral rites,in anyway he wasn’t good at making speeches, so he directly went to the door on which had a crookedly written slab saying “No tresspassing” and he pursued to knock.Door creaked and opened slowly.When he entered the house,he saw big pictures of the landlords.Suddenly,door slammed and he looked back in a hurry and he flinched by a hand touching his shoulders.Finally,he met with family.Then he understood that this case wouldn’t be easy as he thought.

He wanted to take statements of family about the night of the murder. He was thinking that it was a murder because old man found poisoned in his working desk with a pencil he is using for his new project’s draft so it was a low probability to commit suicide.He started with old man’s girlfriend.She was crying when detective opened her door.Detective asked the place of her in the event time.She said she was sleeping in her room and she heard the voice of Tim’s,old man’s,ex-wife,then she woke up.Detective asked questions about camera system of the house and she responded flaccidly by saying “Yes,we have lots of cameras in house but Tim never liked to be seen by others so we do not have one in Tim’s room”.Detective thought that she wasn’t a dubious.He went to check the cameras next to his room but all records were deleted.Now,he was certain that murderer was a member of the house.

He continued with a little but wise kid.He was seeing her as a source of information.But he needed to be honest or seemed to be honest to earn her trust.She was writing a diary and it was clear that she hated from her servant.Her servant was making hot chocolate for her every night.And the only thing she hates was hot chocolate.Servant was preparing for herself indeed.She was saying that her servant was as old as the hills but she was more clever than everyone.

Our detective had a loud silence in his mind that night but he slept like a log after a long day.He stopped playing the good police role and he wanted to give a new try.This time,he started with Tim’s wife-Michelle.Tim’s wife was using her rifle to kill birds.She was always saying that it was a suicide but she seemed like someone who has dozens of secrets.She was giving politic answers so detective pushed her button by saying: “You killed him because you were jealous of the interest given to your former husband’s girlfriend.”She replied: “My husband didn’t leave me anything ,detective and I also knew that he wouldn’t leave me anything.Why should I kill him?He was sharing his living with me.I was a goddess with my husband,now I am nobody.”Detective was convinced that murderer was not her but she seemed to protect someone by giving a target-Tim’s girlfriend,Margot because all  heritage will be hers.Mark took advice of little girl-Melissa-and spoke with her servant.Servant was quite as a mouse at first but she was a boiling mad with the shout of Melisa.

Melissa couldn’t find her diary and she was accusing her of stealing her diary.Detective decided to stay overnight.He was given a room with a scene of well-designed garden.And he saw someone lying on the grass.He went there and he was awake in the rest of the night.Servant was dead.Detective waited for the police in whole night to start the investigation.When the sun started to show itself,she was started to be touched and detective found a half-remained cup of hot chocolate in her hands.Detective made an investigation and found out cyanide around her mouth.He went to storehouse and found cyanide box.He asked for the purpose of it to the the gardener.He said it was for moles.He sank his hand into cyanide with gloves and found Melissa’s diary!

He realized that Melissa didn’t love the hot chocolate and her servant was preparing it every day.He was going on the way of Melisa’s room but Melissa wasn’t in her room.He asked to the security whether someone left the house or not and security said:“Melissa and her grandmother left the house two minutes ago.”He got into the car and started driving.While he was driving,he was reading her diary.He opened the page which was written in the date of murder.He started reading lines  out loud:”He has never been fair to me and he deserved it.I took the syringe and I used the special red prescription medicines.In that way,he will be sorry for his bad behaviours to me for once in his life.He will be regretful for it and I will never miss him.”Then,he turned the page to the date of  yesterday:”She also deserved it.She read my diary so she was dangerous for our little secret.” He figured out that her grandma must have read the diary and she was taking her to somewhere else.Puzzles were solved but a new question appeared in his mind:Where was she going with Melissa?It was impossible for them to leave America before a week.Her car started to be seen but grandma was going to the cliff.He told them to stop,kid was crying but grandma said “I wouldn’t tolerate to see you in prison.We will always be together,now.”They jumped off the cliff.Melissa was screaming but grandma was peaceful and quiet before her last journey.

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