One night, I was so excited, because I was going to sleep in my new bed. I prepared myself and closed my eyes. And then I heard a vase breaking sound. I jumped out of the bed and started running towards the sound. I saw my mom’s favourite vase smashed in to pieces. I tried to tell about the vase to my parents but they were disappeared. On the right way of the corridor, I saw a huge flashlight getting closer to me. I went to the closet and shut the door of the closet. When opened the closet’s door, I couldn’t believe what I saw. The person who’s holding the flash light was my dad. I came out of the closet and I looked up but my dad was not over there. Even the flashlight’s light was not there. “How could this be possible?” I asked myself. And then I heard whispers from the living room. I walked there slowly, because I was so scared. I saw a moving shadow but it was not mine, because the room was dark. Even I didn’t have a shadow in that room but there was a moving shadow. It was flying towards me. I screamed and I felt like I was falling down from an endless hole. “Is this it? Is this how the story ends? I guess…”

And then a woke up. “Ohhh. That was just a nightmare.”

Was it?

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