Mystery of Wilsons

I woke up with my mom screaming at me. She was telling me to wake up. I hardly opened my eyes. When I did I wish I hadn’t because the first thing I saw was my twin sister Raven. By the way my name is Robin Wilson, I am a high school student, I live in London with my mom and twin since my dad died 5 years ago and I basically have a normal teenager life or at least I thought I did…

After I woke up ,which was in a lovely way, I went downstairs and had my breakfast. I was planning to go back to sleep but Raven reminded me that we were going to meet Parker and Jason at the library to study. I really didn’t want to go but we had been friends with Parker for eight years and I had promised to meet with him and Jason at the library.

When I went to the library with Raven we immediately started studying in order to get out of there as soon as possible. Fifteen minutes later Parker and Jason arrived. While we were studying, Parker went to borrow some books about law because he wanted to go to law school. When he came back he was holding a book that was at least 1000 pages. After we joked about the book for a little while we got back to studying. While we were studying the book’s pages were falling apart and Parker wasn’t really happy about it. He got angry because he couldn’t read anything and decided to put the book back to where it belonged: rusty shelfs… Just when he was about to do it he found a phone number in it. We didn’t know whose number it was but we decided to call and make a little prank to the owner of the number. We called and some guy answered the phone. He said:

  • Hey I’ve been expecting this call Wilsons.

We didn’t understand what he was talking about. Before any of us had a chance to say something, he gave us an address and told us to meet him there at 8p.m. today. Then he hanged up on us. To be honest we were all scared a bit. Jason looked at me and said:

  • Ok let’s never do this again.

The others agreed with him and we decided not to call that number again. When we finished studying and got back home together I was still thinking about that phone call and Raven kind of realized it. She looked at me with shock and said:

  • Sis! You are not thinking about that phone call, are you?

I said:

  • Maybe I am, but does it matter? You guys chickened out. Now we’ll never know what it was about. I don’t know if you realized but that guy knew who we were, I wonder what else he knows?

Nobody said anything for a while till Peter broke the silence.

  • Guys I don’t know about you but I think this is just a joke. I mean… We probably got pranked while we were trying prank somebody else. So I say that we can check the place that guy told us about. I don’t think it is that risky after all.

Raven and Jason looked at him like he was crazy but after some time trying to convince them. They agreed to go. When the time arrived, we went to the park the guy told us to meet with him.

We arrived at the park. The weather was dark and there was literally no light at the park. After some time we saw a guy in a black hoodie he got closer and gave us a box. We were confused since we thought that it was just a prank. Just when the guy was about to go Parker held his arm and asked:

  • Who are you and what is this?

The guy said:

  • I’ll explain everything, wait for my call.

He quickly pushed Parker and ran away.

When we went home we were feeling terrible. We were confused, shocked and scared. Nothing happened for two days but on Monday when we came back to home from school the phone ringed and it was the number we found at the library. It was just me and Raven. We looked at each other and Raven shouted:

  • Don’t answer that call! We don’t know what is going on. I don’t want to mess with things we don’t understand.

Even though she didn’t want me to open the phone, I did. I asked what was going on and tried to understand what was happening. After I asked my questions the guy started talking. He said:

  • I don’t have a lot of time. Just stop asking questions and listen to me carefully. You will have all of your answers when I’ll be done. I am one of your father’s friends. I am here to tell you about the reason of your father’s death. I will tell you the truth behind it. He did not die in a plane crash as you had been told to. He was actually killed by his best friend Thomas. No one ever found about it because Tom killed himself after what he had done to your father Nicholas. I don’t know if you opened the box I gave you but the letters you found or are going to find were written by your father and the letters are explaining why he was killed. He asked me to give these to you a long time ago but I couldn’t. I am so sorry for everything girls hope you will be happy with the truth. That’s all you should know. Bye.

We didn’t know what to do or if we were supposed to open the letters. We decided not to, at least not for a while.

It has been 50 years since that time. Raven and I never talked about the letters and it doesn’t seem like we will.

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